#CurrentListen “The Belles” – Dhonielle Clayton

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3rd Person. Single POV.
YA Fantasy. Super Descriptive, lots of world building. I believe this is part of a duet with the second book releasing in 2019.
Where personal beauty is both art & commerce.
Love the narration, heart happy that it’s English Accent/s
I listen to most of my Audio books from my local Library using Libby 


“Honesty” – Seth King

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A story of first love with two teen (early college) boys, Cole and Nicky. It’s almost YA in that the characters are very young, They’re not setting out into the big yonder after college and given that this is their first same sex relationship, it feels YA-y.

Set in the Deep South where homosexuality is still the cause of much prejudice and hatred. This book is sweet and sad, frustrating and enlightening, passionate and evocative. Your heart is pulled in so many directions wanting this to work out, understanding why it’s failing, watching the destructive nature of the relationship. Yet for me it didn’t have the emotional impact that The Summer Remains did, and that was what I was expecting. Knowing that this is based on a true story, it’s well worth the read to gain an understanding of what a young gay kid in a deeply repressed community goes through, all the micro and macro agressions.


“Without Merit” – Colleen Hoover

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Without Merit is a book about family dynamics from a teenager’s perspective. Young adult is not my favourite genre, but Colleen Hoover always writes well, displaying a knack of describing real people and the situations they find themselves in either by default or design. The fleshing out of the family members (blood & found) was delightful. I find there are never caricatures or perfect people in Ms Hoover’s books. Everyone is the right amount of messed up. The best part of this story was mental health plot line. The realization that all was not as it should be was perfectly paced for both the person it affected and those around them. I hope that anyone who needs the message that depression comes in many forms finds it.

“Trust” – Kylie Scott

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This is only the second book of Ms Scott’s that I’ve read. Young Adult is not my preference of genre, but a book challenge is encouraging me to step outside my comfort zone. The circumstances under which we meet our hero and heroine are pretty traumatic; an armed holdup at a gas station. The repercussions of this cause both our hero and heroine to reevaluate who they are and what they want. Not in some grandiose “what am I doing with my life” but “is this who I am?” that late teens encounter. It was interesting to see the knock on effects on friends and family as they try to find a new kind of normal.