#CurrentRead “Sleeping with the Enemy” – Robin Covington

AMAZON LINK: https://amzn.to/2WJf5IV

3rd Person. Dual POV
She’s the GM of a VA based Baseball team and has her recently deceased father’s legacy to uphold.
He’s a baseball superstar on the rival team. Their fathers were best friends.

Second Chance Romance, Sports Romance, Workplace Romance

Their relationship ended seven years ago. Kat, our heroine, is determined to recruit Derek to her team, putting the kibosh on any potential relationship. Derek wants nothing more than to rekindle their relationship. Can they overcome the obstacles and reconnect?


#CurrentRead “Piece of Work” – Staci Hart

Amazon Link: https://amzn.to/2Gg6bZY, available in Kindle Unlimited

1st Person. Dual POV.
Museum Curator Hero. MFA Intern Heroine. Our Hero is emotionally stunted and our Heroine has a Ugly Duckling to Swan rebirth.
Workplace Romance and Romantic Comedy.
Love Staci’s Books & her covers are 🔥, the dialog is always snappy and Sassy, much like Staci herself. Oh and Our Heroines friends are Girl Squad Goals.


“Dirty Games” – HelenKay Dimon

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Justin works for Drummond Enterprises’ Charitable arm in Morocco. Finn Drummond arrives to help Justin investigate why shipments are missing or not delivered. Justin has lusted after Finn for many years, but due to Justin’s hang-ups around wealth & entitlement, plus an assumption that Finn was straight, Justin has deemed Finn off limits. Justin also suffers from abandonment issues, making him a hot mess and fearful of commitment. Emotionally he’s pretty juvenile and self sabotage is his weapon of choice.
Finn’s arrival at the refugee camp, instead of his older brother Alec, throws Justin for a massive loop, causing him to lash out with snark & a shitty attitude. Despite Justin’s best efforts to keep Finn at arm’s length, their attraction for each other and despite the risks in a predominantly Muslim country where homosexuality is pretty much illegal, they hook up. Justin feels like he can’t risk his heart but after a series of attempts on Finn’s life, Justin & Finn grow closer.
Loved the twists and turns in the suspense.
Oliver, Justin’s right hand man was a delight. I hope he gets a novella… hint hint .


“Everything You Need To Know” – HelenKay Dimon

Amazon Buy Link Here: http://amzn.to/2sSj7DJ

Jordan secretly runs a website called “Need to Know” that collates reports from women about the men they date in order to help others avoid the douchecanoes. She’ll often do the ground work herself to confirm/deny reports. Forest encounters her when she’s assessing one of the men (Ryan) by working as a temp at his office. Sparks fly, attraction is undeniable, they start dating. Turns out they both come from dysfunctional families. When Ryan goes on the attack saying his deal with Forest fell through because of incorrect rumours started on Jordan’s website, she has to choose between revealing her biggest secret & thereby her anonimity and losing her man.


“Idol” – Kristen Callihan

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Pretty standard RockStar romance. Hiding out after almost losing his BFF and fellow Kill John bandmate Killian crashes into Libby’s life, figuratively & literally. Libby is the daughter of a an old school session musician who died, along with Libby’s mom in a recent car accident. After realising who Killian is, it turns out Libby has singing and playing chops. Killian comes up with a plan for Libby to join him on the road and play with the band. Libby wants to keep their relationship secret so the rest of the band doesn’t think she’s just there because she’s sleeping with the lead singer (which she totes is btw). Friction and tension ensue and Libby gets the chance to branch out on her own, but it means leaving Killian behind…


“Single Malt” – Layla Reyne

Amazon Link Here: https://amzn.to/2GszJbW

M/M Workplace based Romantic Suspense. After the suspected murder of both his Husband and FBI Partner, Aiden is given the task of assessing & mentoring a junior FBI Agent. Cyber crimes member Jameson Walker is a closeted gay former NBA player. They paired to work on a suspected terrorist breach of a bio-chemical lab. Sexual tension, lots of chemistry, grief, family, twists and turns all wend their way through this book fantastically.

I had one issue and that’s to do with Aiden’s money being used to fund a number of elements of the book. Where they stay in TX, private use of a plane etc. I’m not sure that would actually be allowed. Let alone the fraternization. I could get past those, & you kinda have to.

Can’t wait to read the next in the series


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