“The Ghostwriter” – Alessandra Torre

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You know a book is good when you don’t move for 2.5 hours while you read it. This is not a romance. This is classic Alessandra mystery/thriller. She makes the unlovable, unapproachable Helena relatable and empathetic with this story of love and loss. It was an interesting technique to have one character told in first person and others in third person. I’ve seen it done before and when it’s done well it adds a really unique element to the story. My heart broke at the end and several tears were shed. Wonderful.

“Now That You Mention It” – Kristan Higgins

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New England based coming home story. Wonderfully drawn, quirky characters. Reading Nora navigate her strange, fractured family whilst trying to figure out her own life was truly enjoyable. Scupper Island was its own character and truly felt like somewhere you’d find on the Maine coastline.