#CurrentRead “Disorderly Conduct” – Tessa Bailey

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3rd Person. Hero & Heroine’s POV
NYPD Academy Cadet Hero Charlie, Catering Business Owner Heroine Ever. Ever’s Mother convinced her to only date men for 30 days to “protect” herself. Charlie is intent on following Family footsteps to Police Commissioner, so no time for women.

When Ever’s Mother does a 180 and convinces her to do the same, she knows Charlie’s not the one to go the distance with. At the abrupt loss of Ever, Charlie decides “What if?” and goes in pursuit!


6th October Book

Amazon Link: Too Hard to Forget (Romancing the Clarksons)
Amazon Series Link: Romancing the Clarksons

3rd in Tessa Bailey‘s “Romancing The Clarksons” series. Second Chance Roamnce

Elliot is a widowed, single dad, football coach who ends his secret relationship with cheerleader Peggy after she graduates. After four subsequent broken engagements Peggy decides she needs closure.

5th October Book

Amazon Link: Too Wild to Tame (Romancing the Clarksons)
Amazon Series Link: Romancing the Clarksons

Book 2 in Tessa Bailey’s “Romancing The Clarksons” series gives us Aaron and Grace’s story. Hardened political analyst meets free spirit with a tragic past. Man alive Tessa can write some internal conflict. This book was like the perfect chocolate cake. Delicious in every bite.