“TIED UP (Bondage in Boston) – Sionna Fox

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For all the escapism Romance books provide; One of my favourite things in Contemporary Romance is feeling like I’m reading about proper adults, with all their flaws & imperfections..

If they breakup when they’re adults, the reason they breakup has to be real, and on the flip side, when they get back together, they have to have dealt meaningfully with the cause of their breakup. Just being hot for each other is not enough, Sex isn’t glue, it won’t keep you together.
If they have *actual* jobs, they actually have to work and do work things & deal with co-workers, & job pressure, job insecurity, fitting their social life & familial relationships into the other 8 hours of the day they aren’t working or sleeping.

You get my point. There’s a real skill in giving all that and not making it dull. Sionna does this, whilst giving you ALL the heat & all the complexity of real human beings.

Man, that prologue pulls NO punches. I read it on the bus on the way to work, I may have blushed A LOT! This is book about a BDSM relationship, it’s on the cover, there’s no surprise there. The (delightful) surprise is in the exquisitely drawn characters you get, both main and secondary. I felt like I *knew* these people, I understood these people, I emoted with these people. I was drawn into the highs and lows as they were figuring out how did this work, *could* this work? All the while being true to themselves, their motivations & their struggles. There was no quick fix for either of them.

The BDSM scenes are placed and paced well in the story, they give insight to both characters, they are well thought out, meaningful and informative. They follow the rules of safe, sane & consensual. They talk about aftercare for both the Dom & Sub, which is unusual, but gratifying.

The fulfillment of a great romance, to me, is feeling like your lead characters lives are better when they’re together than apart. Kate & Ian are, and I fully expect to see them wandering around Newbury Street on Sunday morning getting Bloody Mary’s with friends, or hiding out in a Coffee Shop in Cambridge.

This can standalone from book 1, although book 1 will give you insight into other secondary characters.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review, but I preordered as well.


“Bound To (Bondage in Boston Book 1) – Sionna Fox

Bound To (Bondage in Boston book 1) by Sionna Fox

AMAZON LINK:  https://amzn.to/2r8TCKu 

~3rd Person
~Heroine’s POV
~Heroine recently relocated from rural VT, has anxiety issues
~STEM Post Doctorate Neurological Researcher Hero, Dominant when in BDSM relationship.
33% in & loving these smart realistic characters. Review to Follow.

Cover Art for Bound To (Bondage in Boston Book 1) by Sionna Fox“Dark Rooms” – Sionna Fox