6th October Book

Amazon Link: Too Hard to Forget (Romancing the Clarksons)
Amazon Series Link: Romancing the Clarksons

3rd in Tessa Bailey‘s “Romancing The Clarksons” series. Second Chance Roamnce

Elliot is a widowed, single dad, football coach who ends his secret relationship with cheerleader Peggy after she graduates. After four subsequent broken engagements Peggy decides she needs closure.

32nd SeptemberBook

Amazon Link: Nova (The Renegades)
Amazon Link: The Renegades (3 Book Series)

Rebecca Yarros’ Nova is the second in the Renegade Series.
Extreme athletes doing college on a round the world cruise ship seems improbable, but Yay Fiction! Second Chance Romance featuring lies and meddling family members. Loved the adoption storyline the most. The action sequences were extremely well written to give you tension and pace. Really interested in Penna’s story next.

30th SeptemberBook

Amazon Link:  Ain’t He Precious? (The Sex and Sweet Tea Series Book 1)

Juliette Poe’s Small town Romance set in North Carolina. Hero and heroine are both lawyers in this second chance romance. 11 years later, did they make a mistake splitting up? Charming set up for a new series.

20th SeptemberBook

Amazon Link: Sex Symbol: A Standalone Romance (Hollywood Heat)

14th SeptemberBook

Unpublished book

10th +11th SeptemberBook

Amazon Link: Bittersweet (True North Book 1)
Amazon Link: Steadfast (True North Book 2)
Amazon Link: True North (4 Book Series)

9th SeptemberBook

Amazon Link: Wild Card: A Second Chance Romance