“Smoke & Mirrors” – Julie Rowe

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I love this series (which is a spin off of the previous series). STEM Heroine (CDC Nurse), Ex-Military Hero. On a routine project in rural Utah, Kini finds herself under attack for unknown reasons, getting t-boned, scratched messages on her care etc. Lyle Smoke is returning home after 8 years in Special Forces. He’s naturally an Alpha man and seeing Kini under attack, provokes him to accept the CDC Outbreak Task Force offer from his friend River (hero of book 1) to work alongside Kini. Smoke is struggling with returning home & his guilt over his son and baby mama’s death, plus fearing losing control over the inbuilt rage 8 years service has left him with. Kini is a solitary woman whose past means relying on other people is impossible.. As these flawed people are forced to work together to get to the source of the recent Hantavirus outbreak, mayhem, death and intrigue break out. Can they solve the mystery and their personal issues too?
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“Beyond Danger” – Kat Martin

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I’ve enjoyed Kat Martin so I was eager to start this book, even thought it’s the second in a series and I’ve not read the first (RuleBreaker). Political Intrigue, Female Private Investigator, Swarthy Texas Billionaire plus a murder or two to solve? I’m 100% here for all of that. The development of the relationship was well paced given the intensity of the situations Beau and Cassidy found themselves in. Plenty of twists, plenty of heat. Loved the secondary story line about Beau taking on responsibility for his half sibling & the knock on effects of that.

“The Alibi” by Sandra Brown

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Set in Charleston SC, a place I have some familiarity with, I loved this story. I have no qualms in admitting I rarely figure out *who did it* so I love a book that makes me accuse everyone at some point in the story. I loved the conflict, internal and external, of our two Main Characters as they were challenged by their circumstances & the situation they found themselves in. Secondary characters were great and #Charleston was a fantastic backdrop to display this all against.

“Truth Be Told” – Kendra Elliot

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Excellent novella following on from Twisted Truth by Melinda Leigh. Features a married couple who are both in law enforcement. I have a sweet spot for stories that show married couples in love; showing us how you can remain in love and not just co-habiting with sexy times thrown in. Small town shenanigans with murders and “who done it” thrown in!

“The Pretender” – HelenKay Dimon

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HelenKay Dimon does Romantic Thrillers/suspense so well. A “retired” thief for our hero and an answer seeking, suspected murderer for our heroine. Family drama, both blood and found was all around. The layers of this mystery were slowly peeled back to reveal the true perpetrator & their motive. I did guess correctly who, but not the why. I hope we get Damon’s story too.

8th October Book

Amazon Link: Seized by Seduction: A Compelling Tale of Romance, Love and Intrigue (The Protectors)

Second in Brenda Jackson’s The Protectors series.

Dr Randi Fuller uses her psychic abilities & behavioural analysis skills to help solve law enforcement cases. Quasar Patterson met Randi on a case involving his found family. She knows from a psychic vision that the two of them are destined to be, but can he overcome his emotional resistance to embrace a relationship. Throw in a LA gangland clash, despotic father and a Mr Big looking to rid the world of Randi and you’ve got a hot paranormal romantic suspense.

31st SeptemberBook

Excellent 2nd book in this series by Adriana Anders.
Slightly more of a Romantic Suspense edge to this book.
ATF agency Clay Navarro is in hiding before a trial where he is the prime witness. He needs the services of Dr Georgette Hadley to remove tattoos gained whilst he was undercover in a vicious motorcycle gang.
Throw in some heavy PTSD for him and her being a widow, you have a beautiful story of two people fighting their pasts to find a future together.

25th SeptemberBook

Amazon Link: Five

17th SeptemberBook

Amazon Link: Contracted Defense (A Safeguard Novel Book 3)
Amazon Link: A Safeguard Novel (3 Book Series)

16th SeptemberBook

Amazon Link: Bullet Proof: A MacKenzie Family Novella (The MacKenzie Family)