“The Varlet & The Voyeur” – Penny Reid + LH Cosway

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The Varlet and the Voyeur is the 4th in this co-authored Rugby Series. The first, “The Hooker and the Hermit” was my first ever Penny Reid book, I’ve read and bought everything she’s written since, not least because of her covers.  LH Cosway I’ve read all but her most recent duology. They are fantastic as a co-author team and as solo authors.

Rugby playing Will and Veterinarian Josey have made guest appearances in previous books (the sequel bait we all love and adore).

Will finds himself in a precarious position of having his sex life splayed across the papers. As a Brit, I recognised the harness of the Anglo-Irish press and the way they love it when a “celebrity” is exposed as a “sexual deviant”. After talking over the PR response, he essentially seeks out a “Sober Coach”, which is where Josey steps in. She is a Pistol of a character, her social filter is pretty non-existent and you can’t help but love her for it.

Overall I enjoyed the story and loved the characters. I’m not well versed enough in kink to know whether the voyeurism that Will enjoyed was something that can be transient, i.e. if it’s a taste that often changes. It felt like the voyeurism was deemed as distasteful a little too often, and something that Will wanted to move on from because of its impact on his life, rather than something he no longer enjoyed.

Josey was the shining light for me in this story. I definitely hear the Irish twang when I’m reading any of LH Cosway’s books.