“Year One” – Nora Roberts

AMAZON LINK: https://amzn.to/2NcYJ69

As someone who has read only 1 Nora Roberts before. All I knew was people think she’s an excellent writer. Now I concur.

This book is NOT A ROMANCE, but this book is Deee-Licious.

Post apocalyptic/Distopian plus some supernatural/paranormal. Walking dead sans Zombie, plus Magick. It reminded me a little of the TV revolution (where the world loses electricity, but people work together to survive).

I. LOVED it. It made me laugh, cry, worry, etc. There’s tension, angst, joy, love, sorrow. It’s delicious. I couldn’t go to bed until I finished it. I’m trying to figure out when I can slot book 2 into my reading schedule.

BUT – It is NOT a Romance, nope, definitely not.


#CurrentRead “CRIMINAL INTENTIONS S1Ep1” – Cole McCade

Amazon Link: https://amzn.to/2NdBIDq
3rd Person, Dual POV (miniscule other POVs)

ZOMG loved this. Crime Thriller + UST + 900% increase in diversity across the spectrum & in Kindle Unlimited. All the CW though (they’re listed in the front of the book
Tempted to throw out my schedule to read the next one! Not technically a Romance although over the longer story arc there maybe. IDK yet.!


“DarkFever” – Karen Marie Moning

Amazon Link Here: http://amzn.to/2pk4jK1

Read as a part of Smart Bitches Trashy Books Quarterly Title Book Challenge for March to read a book with an affiliation to Ireland. After checking out a goodreads list I discovered I had this book in my TBR (which is in part why I do book challenges, to clear down my TBR).
I’m discovering I love Urban Fantasy books. I really enjoyed the set up (Vengeance is a powerful motivator). Although this book is 12 years old (and sometimes it shows, like the Heroine’s lack of internet skills, and “Ask Jeeves” being the search engine of choice) I hate spoilers.

There’s a real clueless Buffy the Vampire Slayer vibe going on here, but with a darker edge, bolster by Mac being slightly older. I found the choices of when & when not to translate from Gaelic to English interesting. The detailing of what it’s like to be a foreigner even in an English speaking nation were accurate. It’s always the minutiae that cause the struggles. I’ll be dashing off to my local goodwill to pick up as many of the series as I can (I saw 4-5 books from this series there last week).


“The Ghostwriter” – Alessandra Torre

Buy from Amazon here: http://amzn.to/2GQCYp1

You know a book is good when you don’t move for 2.5 hours while you read it. This is not a romance. This is classic Alessandra mystery/thriller. She makes the unlovable, unapproachable Helena relatable and empathetic with this story of love and loss. It was an interesting technique to have one character told in first person and others in third person. I’ve seen it done before and when it’s done well it adds a really unique element to the story. My heart broke at the end and several tears were shed. Wonderful.