“Smoke & Mirrors” – Julie Rowe

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I love this series (which is a spin off of the previous series). STEM Heroine (CDC Nurse), Ex-Military Hero. On a routine project in rural Utah, Kini finds herself under attack for unknown reasons, getting t-boned, scratched messages on her care etc. Lyle Smoke is returning home after 8 years in Special Forces. He’s naturally an Alpha man and seeing Kini under attack, provokes him to accept the CDC Outbreak Task Force offer from his friend River (hero of book 1) to work alongside Kini. Smoke is struggling with returning home & his guilt over his son and baby mama’s death, plus fearing losing control over the inbuilt rage 8 years service has left him with. Kini is a solitary woman whose past means relying on other people is impossible.. As these flawed people are forced to work together to get to the source of the recent Hantavirus outbreak, mayhem, death and intrigue break out. Can they solve the mystery and their personal issues too?
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“Heaven and Hell” – Kristen Ashley

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Classic Kristen Ashley. This book exists in the Rock Chick/The Burg Universe, although it’s not apparent until about 2/3 the way in. I might have squealed when I realised! This book reminded me of why I love KAs Heros. They have an emotional intelligence underneath their alpha facade. It can be hard to deal with some of the ways they apply that intelligence as it can feel like they bully their way through, but its usually in a “tough love” way. As always I come away wanting to borrow a little of the heroine’s personality and having more men, like the hero, in my life.
Lordie this book needs a better cover though.
CW/TW: Discussion of domestic abuse.