“Seeking Mr Wrong” – Tamara Morgan

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Penelope Blue Series Book 3
What happens when you take an infamous jewel thief plus her crew, plus her even more infamous Jewel Thief father, plus 500 hundred other criminals and place them on a cruise ship with a $20Million tiara? Shenanigans, that’s what you get! Imagine a cross between the Thomas Crown Affair, Castle and the Love Boat. This series is perfect for a movie trilogy or a TV show. Loveable rogues, Stalwart Federal Agents, the evergreen battle between love, duty and the thrill of the grift.

I hesitate to call it a romance because the hero/heroine are married, but as they’re still new in their relationship it still feels like they’re dating somehow, still discovering who they are in the context of their marriage. The best moments in the book are when Grant and Penelope work together, although it’s neither of their natural modus operandi.


“Truth Be Told” – Kendra Elliot

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Excellent novella following on from Twisted Truth by Melinda Leigh. Features a married couple who are both in law enforcement. I have a sweet spot for stories that show married couples in love; showing us how you can remain in love and not just co-habiting with sexy times thrown in. Small town shenanigans with murders and “who done it” thrown in!