#CurrentRead “CRIMINAL INTENTIONS S1Ep1” – Cole McCade

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3rd Person, Dual POV (miniscule other POVs)

ZOMG loved this. Crime Thriller + UST + 900% increase in diversity across the spectrum & in Kindle Unlimited. All the CW though (they’re listed in the front of the book
Tempted to throw out my schedule to read the next one! Not technically a Romance although over the longer story arc there maybe. IDK yet.!


“Honesty” – Seth King

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Available under Kindle Unlimited

A story of first love with two teen (early college) boys, Cole and Nicky. It’s almost YA in that the characters are very young, They’re not setting out into the big yonder after college and given that this is their first same sex relationship, it feels YA-y.

Set in the Deep South where homosexuality is still the cause of much prejudice and hatred. This book is sweet and sad, frustrating and enlightening, passionate and evocative. Your heart is pulled in so many directions wanting this to work out, understanding why it’s failing, watching the destructive nature of the relationship. Yet for me it didn’t have the emotional impact that The Summer Remains did, and that was what I was expecting. Knowing that this is based on a true story, it’s well worth the read to gain an understanding of what a young gay kid in a deeply repressed community goes through, all the micro and macro agressions.


“A Queen from the North” – Erin McRae & Rachael Maltese

Amazon Link Here: http://amzn.to/2HQmk9w

Alternative Universe where the War of the Roses never quite ended. ADORED this slow burn May-December romance. Widower Heir to the Throne Hero, University Student Peerage Heroine. Chance meeting leads to unexpected alliance to bring the two feudal groups together. Throw in some minor magic & LGBTQIA plotlines and I was hooked. As a Brit it felt like these characters rang true, the often conflicting sense of necessity of a Royal Family versus their benefits for a Modern nation were well drawn out. If you liked PBS’ Victoria, Downton Abbey or have a curiousity over modern Royal Romances you’ll love this. I cannot wait for the next book, CAN.NOT!

“Single Malt” – Layla Reyne

Amazon Link Here: https://amzn.to/2GszJbW

M/M Workplace based Romantic Suspense. After the suspected murder of both his Husband and FBI Partner, Aiden is given the task of assessing & mentoring a junior FBI Agent. Cyber crimes member Jameson Walker is a closeted gay former NBA player. They paired to work on a suspected terrorist breach of a bio-chemical lab. Sexual tension, lots of chemistry, grief, family, twists and turns all wend their way through this book fantastically.

I had one issue and that’s to do with Aiden’s money being used to fund a number of elements of the book. Where they stay in TX, private use of a plane etc. I’m not sure that would actually be allowed. Let alone the fraternization. I could get past those, & you kinda have to.

Can’t wait to read the next in the series