“Beyond Danger” – Kat Martin

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I’ve enjoyed Kat Martin so I was eager to start this book, even thought it’s the second in a series and I’ve not read the first (RuleBreaker). Political Intrigue, Female Private Investigator, Swarthy Texas Billionaire plus a murder or two to solve? I’m 100% here for all of that. The development of the relationship was well paced given the intensity of the situations Beau and Cassidy found themselves in. Plenty of twists, plenty of heat. Loved the secondary story line about Beau taking on responsibility for his half sibling & the knock on effects of that.

33rd SeptemberBook

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Kat Martin’s 2007 book brought up to date. Really liked this “Paranormal Suspense”. Autumn Sommers dreams of a young girl turn out to be more than just dreams. She has to persuade Ben McKenzie that the daughter he believed died after a kidnapping 6 years ago is still alive. Enjoyed the way Autumn’s climbing competence was always at the forefront & that Ben often had to take a step back to admit she was more skilled at certain tasks than him. Definitely revisiting this earlier Romance series.