March 5th Releases

Released Today! Kate Meader’s “Undone by You”

Book 3 in the Chicago Rebels (Hockey Romance) series. Openly gay GM Dante and firmly closeted Cade embark on a forbidden romance. Boss/Employee, Out/closeted & age gap means this is a relationship that can only happen behind closed doors, until all those pesky feelings get in the way. Most of this book runs in parallel to book 2 in the series. Loved how the resolution was handled. Dante is one of my favourite Heroes this year. Oy, sooo hot. Really enjoying this series. If you like Sports Romance, this is definitely the series for you!

3rd SeptemberBook

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2nd SeptemberBook

Amazon Link: In Skates Trouble (The Chicago Rebels Series)
Amazon Link: The Chicago Rebels Series (2 Book Series)