“Dirty Games” – HelenKay Dimon

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Justin works for Drummond Enterprises’ Charitable arm in Morocco. Finn Drummond arrives to help Justin investigate why shipments are missing or not delivered. Justin has lusted after Finn for many years, but due to Justin’s hang-ups around wealth & entitlement, plus an assumption that Finn was straight, Justin has deemed Finn off limits. Justin also suffers from abandonment issues, making him a hot mess and fearful of commitment. Emotionally he’s pretty juvenile and self sabotage is his weapon of choice.
Finn’s arrival at the refugee camp, instead of his older brother Alec, throws Justin for a massive loop, causing him to lash out with snark & a shitty attitude. Despite Justin’s best efforts to keep Finn at arm’s length, their attraction for each other and despite the risks in a predominantly Muslim country where homosexuality is pretty much illegal, they hook up. Justin feels like he can’t risk his heart but after a series of attempts on Finn’s life, Justin & Finn grow closer.
Loved the twists and turns in the suspense.
Oliver, Justin’s right hand man was a delight. I hope he gets a novella… hint hint .


“Heaven and Hell” – Kristen Ashley

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Classic Kristen Ashley. This book exists in the Rock Chick/The Burg Universe, although it’s not apparent until about 2/3 the way in. I might have squealed when I realised! This book reminded me of why I love KAs Heros. They have an emotional intelligence underneath their alpha facade. It can be hard to deal with some of the ways they apply that intelligence as it can feel like they bully their way through, but its usually in a “tough love” way. As always I come away wanting to borrow a little of the heroine’s personality and having more men, like the hero, in my life.
Lordie this book needs a better cover though.
CW/TW: Discussion of domestic abuse.


32nd SeptemberBook

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Amazon Link: The Renegades (3 Book Series)

Rebecca Yarros’ Nova is the second in the Renegade Series.
Extreme athletes doing college on a round the world cruise ship seems improbable, but Yay Fiction! Second Chance Romance featuring lies and meddling family members. Loved the adoption storyline the most. The action sequences were extremely well written to give you tension and pace. Really interested in Penna’s story next.