#CurrentRead “The Bride Who Got Lucky” – Janna MacGregor

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Second in the Cavensham Heiresses Series
3rd Person POV. Hero and Heroine POVs
The Heroine believes her Best Friend’s husband is responsible for her death and is determined to prove it.
The Hero (a family friend) wants to keep the Heroine out of mischief and possible danger (for both herself and her reputation).

“When I Met My Duchess” – Caroline Linden

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Gareth Cavendish, Duke of Wessex thinks he’s chosen the perfect girl to be his Duchess until he meets her spunky widowed sister and finds himself enthralled. Cleo loves her sister Helen to death and longs for her to escape the clutches of her overbearing parents. The Duke of Wessex is the best person to make that happen. Can she subjugate her own desires and put the needs of Helen first or will she betray her and risk even more separation from her family who already dismiss her for eloped to marry a merchant rather than a peer.
Oh the Angst! Loved it. I feel like it might be a Novella where the other characters we met have their own books? Not sure, but that takes nothing away from the book itself.


“Rolf’s Quest” – Aubrey Wynne

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Medieval Magic. A first born son descendant of Merlin’s has to find his one true love (without the use of magic) to break a curse that keeps Merlin trapped inside a rowan tree. After generations of failing to do so, and with the rowan tree dying, this could be Merlin’s last chance. Can Rolf find true love and save Merlin when Melissa (who he’s dreamed of since he was a child) is betrothed to another. This was a sweet historical romance with smidges of magic, shape shifting, fated mates, a bad guy and found family. Definitely a fun romp.
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“A Daring Arrangement” – Joanna Shupe

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Gilded Age Set Historical Romance. Fake Relationship.
Oh Nora! She wanted the Guy, Dad hated the guy, ships her off to the colonies to bring herself back a more suitable man. Nora decides to find the most UN-suitable man to get Dad off her case. Seemingly Frivolous Julius seems to be the perfectly suitable unsuitable. Rich, Handsome, but as Nouveau Riche is not accepted in society. Nora trades access to society, for a fake relationship. However, the plan goes awry when they both catch the feelings. Great start to this new Gilded Age Series.

“My Once and Future Duke” – Caroline Linden

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Regency Set Historical Romance. Force Proximity.
Enjoyed this story flip where the Heroine is the one out there gambling to earn a fortune. It’s not for nefarious reasons, but to ensure she has some stability in the future in case she can’t get herself a husband. As a 21st century single woman with no kids I completely understand the drive to ensure that I’ll be financially stable in the future. The only person I can rely on fiscally is me. I was nice to have a self reliant autonomous heroine, who, although getting married was an option, it wasn’t her only option. She wasn’t desperate to marry and in fact was wary of relinquishing her autonomy due to those blasted legal rules that subjugate married women to chattle.
Once again we have my favourite kind of Hero, the curmudgeonly one, however Jack (a.k.a. Ware) relinquishes this facade during his enforced proximity with Sophie at his country estate. His brother Philip, who was the instigator of a lot of nonsense that put our heroine in jeopardy, needed a smack upside the head. I suspect we’ll see it in a future book. Great start to a new series.


“A Hope Divided” – Alyssa Cole

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These are not easy times and Alyssa Cole does not go easy on these Characters. Marlie is a Free woman, Half Black, Half White. She is raised from an early age in her white family’s house with most of the privileges & protection that come with that. She’s taken all the herbalist knowledge her mother taught her in her youth and enhanced it with a love of science. Her semi peaceful life is shattered with the arrival of her secessionist sister in law who aids the Home Guard putting Marlie’s life in jeopardy. Ewan McCall, Unionist Soldier, escapes from prison, where he’d met, admired and discussed philosophy with Marlie. He finds himself a refugee at Marlie’s house, hidden away in her sanctuary, both of them trying to survive.

As someone who didn’t grow up in the US my Civil War knowledge is exceptionally limited. I love this series of books as they drop you into the difficult lives of African Americans experiencing the harshest of times, and yet they leave you with the knowledge that even in the most treacherous of times, there is still family and love and hope to be found.


“Forbidden (Old West #1)” – Beverly Jenkins

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My First Beverly Jenkins, I know, I know. Don’t worry, It won’t be the last, but what a hella way to start. Rhine has been ‘passing’ as white since he served in the Military, his father was a slave owner, his mother a slave. Eddy was born free, but that doesn’t mean her life has been easy. She’s attempting to head out west to start afresh when a series of catastrophes land her in Rhine’s path, where he saves her life. The nuances in this book about status and place, micro aggression as well as blatant aggression are outstanding. The whole plot line about Rhine’s perceived whiteness being a hindrance to him getting the girl is amazing. Rhine has to take a fuller ownership of who he is in order to move on with his life, whereas up until he meets Eddy, his whiteness has been a blessing. Loved it and already bought the next in the series.


“Unveiled” – Courtney Milan

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Hidden identity, vengeance, Familial ties.
Courtney Milan writes wonderfully flawed characters, Ash is ruthless, Margaret is holding on to family loyalty with all she can. Margaret is smart, sassy and takes no prisoners. She’s pretending to be her Father’s nurse rather than his daughter for *reasons*. Ash is enacting revenge for past wrongs by the Duke by planning to inherit his title. He’s curmudgeonly and burdened by his own perceived failings but has such a deep heart for his brothers, sacrificing so much for them without looking for any praise.
Margaret is dealing with the death of her mother and the impending death of her asshole father when it looks like she’ll be losing her inheritance, reducing her to reliance upon her uninterested brothers, or becoming a governess. She has plenty of reasons to hate Ash but as the story unfolds she finds that more and more difficult.
Courtney at her best.