#CurrentRead “Third Son’s a Charm” – Shana Galen

AMAZON LINK: https://amzn.to/2MISmGN
1st in a Series. Loved the Set up for the the rest of the Heroes
3rd Person. Dual POV.
Titled Heroine. Former Soldier (still peerage) Hero.
She fancies herself in love with his Cousin. The Cousin only wants her for her fortune. He’s hired as her “bodyguard” to keep the Cousin away at public events.
He’s curmudgeonly. The Third Son of a Duke essentially ostracized from his family in favour of the cousin. Lots of buried, unreconciled hurts. Found Family with his Military Brothers.
She’s an utter delight! Can’t always keep her thoughts in her head. He’s a man of few words. Fun & Charming Opposites Attract Historical Romance.



AMAZON LINK: http://amzn.to/2PrIsuE

3rd Person, Dual POV.
Paperback is only $5.98!
Even though I have all the Rules of Scoundrels in Paperback, this was my First Sarah MacLean. I know now why she’s a Queen in the Historical romance world.
Scandalous spinster Heroine needs redemption for herself and her family.
Hero is London underbelly Kingpin with a thirst for vengeance.