“Christmas in Atlantis (Warriors of Poseidon)” – Alyssa Day

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Mid Series Novella: A Pirate from Atlantis (recently risen from hidden depths) and a Blind Artist. Classic story of Dude feeling unworthy of a worth woman’s love, while she knows little of his hidden path.
There was a lot going on here and having read no other book in this series I just felt a little lost.

2nd Octoberbook

Amazon Link: Lyon’s Roar: Zodiac Assassins Book 1

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Artemis Crow’s Zodiac Assassins. Amazed at how good this was. Picked up at an NH “Smart Bitches” gathering. Think “Promise of Fire” meets “Call of Crows”. Excellent fantasy world building, array of characters for sequel bait, longer story arc built in to self contained story. Plus a breadth of family dynamics both blood and found. Eager to get more of this series.