“Seeking Mr Wrong” – Tamara Morgan

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Penelope Blue Series Book 3
What happens when you take an infamous jewel thief plus her crew, plus her even more infamous Jewel Thief father, plus 500 hundred other criminals and place them on a cruise ship with a $20Million tiara? Shenanigans, that’s what you get! Imagine a cross between the Thomas Crown Affair, Castle and the Love Boat. This series is perfect for a movie trilogy or a TV show. Loveable rogues, Stalwart Federal Agents, the evergreen battle between love, duty and the thrill of the grift.

I hesitate to call it a romance because the hero/heroine are married, but as they’re still new in their relationship it still feels like they’re dating somehow, still discovering who they are in the context of their marriage. The best moments in the book are when Grant and Penelope work together, although it’s neither of their natural modus operandi.


“A Time to Fall” – Jess Vonn

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Smalltown Contemporary Romance.
Winnie Briggs is looking for a fresh start in Bloomsboro, running away from heartbreak and hopefully to a less complicated life.
Winnie’s the new editor in chief of the city’s newspaper, our hero, Cal, is the Director of the Chamber of Commerce and Winnie’s Landlady’s Son, so their paths will cross often. He’s burdened by his father’s past and refuses to commit to a romantic relationship, Winnie has sworn off men. So when the sparks fly and they can’t deny their attraction to each other, they agree to a no-strings attached fling. Guess how that goes!
I really liked how grown up they were about their needs and wants, they actually talked things through in terms of their physical relationship at least (because of course we can’t talk about the feeling they caught) and CONSENT!! ALL THE CONSENT!!
P.S Cal cooking was the most swoony thing ever! Cooking to deal with feelings instead of fighting? Yes please!

“Everything You Need To Know” – HelenKay Dimon

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Jordan secretly runs a website called “Need to Know” that collates reports from women about the men they date in order to help others avoid the douchecanoes. She’ll often do the ground work herself to confirm/deny reports. Forest encounters her when she’s assessing one of the men (Ryan) by working as a temp at his office. Sparks fly, attraction is undeniable, they start dating. Turns out they both come from dysfunctional families. When Ryan goes on the attack saying his deal with Forest fell through because of incorrect rumours started on Jordan’s website, she has to choose between revealing her biggest secret & thereby her anonimity and losing her man.


“Paris A Go Go” – Tracy Whiting

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Maybe would have gotten more from this if I’d read the 1st one. Set in Paris mainly, Havilah is kinda dating Thierry who was her French police force bodyguard linked to a murder in the first book. Now she’s caught up in another series of murders based around the anti-immigrant movement in France. Given that this was set in 2010, it felt incredibly pertinent to a lot of the current discussions around immigrants and assimilation. I did get confused every now and then with all the secondary characters floating around, and frustrated how Havilah slut shamed people at several instances in the book. There were even a few moments of double standards, but her Aunt Neet called her out amazingly in those instances. It was a fun read, pretty “clean” read i.e no doing the do, for *reasons*, but I don’t feel the need to read more in the series.


“A Princess in Theory” – Alyssa Cole

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Totally lived up to the hype. Had a very “Coming to America” feel with the mistaken identity & personal assistant hanging around, but without the wide-eyed wonder. Thabiso is a cultured well travelled man. The blurb gives you the jist of the book.
I loved Naledi, our heroine, smart, sassy, vunerable, dealing with all the BS women deal with on a daily basis, plus being a woman in STEM? Turn up that dial to 11. I really loved Likotsi, Thabiso’s assistant (gosh I hope she gets a book), was 1) a woman 2) played the line of long time friend/employee so well, 3) well that’s a spoiler so figure it out 😀
I really enjoyed how the book dealt with a lost heritage and the tension of being *from* a place, but not *of* a place, without falling into the trap of “this is where I’m from I feel 100% at home here”. This wasn’t Ledi’s home, it was just where she was from and navigating that isn’t easy. Absolutely loved it. Can’t wait for Portia’s story!


“Rough Ride” – Kristen Ashley

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Rosalie just wanted to get her man out of a situation that she knew was heading south. So she’d been informing on his Biker Club (Bounty) to Chaos, another biker club. Snapper was her “handler” and supposed to be her protector. Snapper was also in love with Rosalie. After Rosalie ends up on death’s doorstep due to vengeance meted out by Bounty she decides no more men and no more biker clubs. However life isn’t that simple when you’re in Chaos’s world and you’ve suffered because or for them.

This is one of the sweeter Chaos novels with everyone we love from the series making an appearance.

Love these 1001 dark nights novellas. As they say “Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series.”
CW/TW: Violence against women.


“Atheists Who Kneel & Pray” – Tarryn Fisher

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The most romantic of Tarryn Fisher’s books, still with plenty of angst. Told in dual POV with chapters in both past and present, really well handled so I never felt lost. I recently visited #Seattle where this is set and felt like I was revisiting. I love Tarryn’s writing. She handles words as if they are precious, as if she knows how powerful they are, as if they are magic. I’ve also found she is never predictable, and incredibly insightful into the human condition. None of her characters are perfect or predictable, they are real, raw and flawed, I suspect that’s why they feel so relatable.

“We Own Tonight” – Corinne Michaels

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What would you do if you not only met your favourite teen years boy band member, but also had the chance to date him. This fun romance pairs up musician now actor Eli and police officer Heather. Heather has some fairly heavy stuff going on in her life and struggles to accept that Eli is genuinely interested in her & that she has the ability to allow something nice to happen to her. If you know me, you know I love a story where the hero wants the relationship more than the heroine. I enjoy watching the pursuit for sure. We get that here with a couple in their late 30’s early 40’s.

“The Hookup” – Kristen Ashley

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Izzy and Johnny, sitting in a tree, Kristen Ashley giving me everything I need. I chose this book specifically for my 2018 first read. I wanted to head into the year with a quality book that I was certain would deliver, and it 100% did. Classic Kristen Ashley with her Alpha Heroes with complicated but relate-able heroines, who leave you a little inspired and a whole lot hopeful. A delightful cast of secondary characters makes you want to visit their small town, hang out at their houses and bask in their friendships. Perfection. Can’t wait for book two in this duet.