#CurrentRead “Block Party” – Stylo Fantome

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3rd book in the “Twin Estates” Series of Interconnected Standalones. 3rd Person. Hero & Heroine’s POVs.
Liam is a good time guy, owner of a sex club & apartment complex. Ayumi is his Ice Queen accountant until she decides that no-commitment sexy times is what she needs from Liam instead. Both use their reputations to keep people at a distance, is that all they’ll share?


4th OctoberBook

Amazon Link: Bryce: Sports Romance (The Player Book 1)
Amazon Series Link: The Player (6 Book Series)

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Nana Malone’s “Bryce”. First book in “The Player” Series, Sports Romance featuring tennis players! Picked this up at Romantic Times 2017.

Heroine had her dreams cut short, Hero is unsure of an injury will prevent him returning to the game he loves.


26th SeptemberBook

Amazon Link: Baby, Come Back: A Bad Boy Secret Baby Romance

6th+7th SeptemberBook

Amazon Link: Provocative (White Lies Duet Book 1)
Amazon Link: Shameless (White Lies Duet Book 2)
Amazon Link: White Lies Duet (2 Book Series)