#CurrentRead “Destiny’s Surrender” – Beverly Jenkins.

AMAZON LINK: https://amzn.to/2qot5IN  2nd book in series.
3 book series currently $1.99 each

3rd Person, Multi-POV (Mostly MCs).
Historical Romance.
Drew is looking to finally settle down after sowing his wild oats. One of those Oats has grown into a sweet baby boy unbeknownst to Drew.

Billie (Wilhemina) is Drew’s favourite whore from San Francisco. When the life of her child is threatened, she turns to Drew for his sanctuary.

Sweet, Straight shooting (literally) and Sassy, I loved Billie. Destiny Ranch is a favourite place to visit. Can’t wait to finish Noah’s book too.

“Forbidden (Old West #1)” – Beverly Jenkins

Amazon Link Here: http://amzn.to/2ESDy5l

My First Beverly Jenkins, I know, I know. Don’t worry, It won’t be the last, but what a hella way to start. Rhine has been ‘passing’ as white since he served in the Military, his father was a slave owner, his mother a slave. Eddy was born free, but that doesn’t mean her life has been easy. She’s attempting to head out west to start afresh when a series of catastrophes land her in Rhine’s path, where he saves her life. The nuances in this book about status and place, micro aggression as well as blatant aggression are outstanding. The whole plot line about Rhine’s perceived whiteness being a hindrance to him getting the girl is amazing. Rhine has to take a fuller ownership of who he is in order to move on with his life, whereas up until he meets Eddy, his whiteness has been a blessing. Loved it and already bought the next in the series.