#CurrentRead “Rafe” – Rebekah Weatherspoon

AMAZON LINK: https://amzn.to/2MRKhRJ

3rd Person. Dual POV.

Single Parent, Heart Surgeon Heroine.
Nanny Hero.

Gah! Loving this strong, emotionally intelligent Hero and this vibrant, competent Heroine.

I loved these fully fleshed out characters. They had familial support, found family support. There was emotional vulnerability that felt tender and true.

The kids were to die for, sassy, brave and real. I loved it.

Thanks to the Ripped Bodice for my signed copy.


#CurrentRead “Destiny’s Surrender” – Beverly Jenkins.

AMAZON LINK: https://amzn.to/2qot5IN  2nd book in series.
3 book series currently $1.99 each

3rd Person, Multi-POV (Mostly MCs).
Historical Romance.
Drew is looking to finally settle down after sowing his wild oats. One of those Oats has grown into a sweet baby boy unbeknownst to Drew.

Billie (Wilhemina) is Drew’s favourite whore from San Francisco. When the life of her child is threatened, she turns to Drew for his sanctuary.

Sweet, Straight shooting (literally) and Sassy, I loved Billie. Destiny Ranch is a favourite place to visit. Can’t wait to finish Noah’s book too.

“Couldn’t Ask for More” – Kianna Alexander

Amazon Link: https://amzn.to/2Cl9bnM

Fashion Designer Heroine, Textiles Manufacturer Hero.
3rd Person. Dual POV. Trope: Fake Relationship.
Sweet, light and fluffy. It felt like I was reading a Hallmark movie. If that’s your jam, scoop this up.

Loved the cover and the series premise. I just wish there’d been more depth to the story. Certain elements rang false.

< spoiler >
The set up of the fake relationship was trite. Sydney (the heroine’s business partner) “Oopsie I told a TV reporter you were engaged”. Followed by several discussions over how Sydney avoids the press like the plague.
Alexis never told her parents she was engaged, after extolling how close knit she was to her family.
Bryan talk about how he’s marriage agnostic and then flips to how much he wants to be married and have a family. < /spoiler>
A tonne of the business elements were way off. CMO is not the company’s sales rep.
This is her first runway line, but she has thousands of pieces being booked for shipment before the runway show? etc etc. It was all too convenient, all too easy.
Arc Received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review



#CurrentRead “CRIMINAL INTENTIONS S1Ep1” – Cole McCade

Amazon Link: https://amzn.to/2NdBIDq
3rd Person, Dual POV (miniscule other POVs)

ZOMG loved this. Crime Thriller + UST + 900% increase in diversity across the spectrum & in Kindle Unlimited. All the CW though (they’re listed in the front of the book
Tempted to throw out my schedule to read the next one! Not technically a Romance although over the longer story arc there maybe. IDK yet.!


#CurrentRead – “Tell Me Something Good” – Jamie Wesley

AMAZON Link: https://amzn.to/2Cf4101

3rd Person. Dual POV.
Psychologist Radio Host Heroine, Talk-Sports Radio Host Hero. As a way to bump ratings, these two agree to do a joint show.
He doesn’t believe in love, She wants the whole love kit & kaboodle
Enemies to lovers meets opposites attract. Fun Read.
1st in One on One Series.

“A Hope Divided” – Alyssa Cole

Amazon Buy Link here: http://amzn.to/2GGf9QM

These are not easy times and Alyssa Cole does not go easy on these Characters. Marlie is a Free woman, Half Black, Half White. She is raised from an early age in her white family’s house with most of the privileges & protection that come with that. She’s taken all the herbalist knowledge her mother taught her in her youth and enhanced it with a love of science. Her semi peaceful life is shattered with the arrival of her secessionist sister in law who aids the Home Guard putting Marlie’s life in jeopardy. Ewan McCall, Unionist Soldier, escapes from prison, where he’d met, admired and discussed philosophy with Marlie. He finds himself a refugee at Marlie’s house, hidden away in her sanctuary, both of them trying to survive.

As someone who didn’t grow up in the US my Civil War knowledge is exceptionally limited. I love this series of books as they drop you into the difficult lives of African Americans experiencing the harshest of times, and yet they leave you with the knowledge that even in the most treacherous of times, there is still family and love and hope to be found.


“Paris A Go Go” – Tracy Whiting

Amazon Link Here: http://amzn.to/2BRFHzc

Maybe would have gotten more from this if I’d read the 1st one. Set in Paris mainly, Havilah is kinda dating Thierry who was her French police force bodyguard linked to a murder in the first book. Now she’s caught up in another series of murders based around the anti-immigrant movement in France. Given that this was set in 2010, it felt incredibly pertinent to a lot of the current discussions around immigrants and assimilation. I did get confused every now and then with all the secondary characters floating around, and frustrated how Havilah slut shamed people at several instances in the book. There were even a few moments of double standards, but her Aunt Neet called her out amazingly in those instances. It was a fun read, pretty “clean” read i.e no doing the do, for *reasons*, but I don’t feel the need to read more in the series.


“Spice and Smoke” – Suleikha Snyder

Amazon Link Here: http://amzn.to/2GDKofa

I tried explaining this novel to a friend and almost had to draw a venn diagram. There’s a lot going on in this novella. It’s pretty effective in explaining the various character’s histories with each other that allows each pairing to make sense in the current day.

I do doubt that none of the more illicit assignations would have been kept secret by the film crew though given the character’s popularity in the film industry, that seemed a stretch too far.


“Unveiled” – Courtney Milan

Amazon Link Here: https://amzn.to/2pW7dnI

Hidden identity, vengeance, Familial ties.
Courtney Milan writes wonderfully flawed characters, Ash is ruthless, Margaret is holding on to family loyalty with all she can. Margaret is smart, sassy and takes no prisoners. She’s pretending to be her Father’s nurse rather than his daughter for *reasons*. Ash is enacting revenge for past wrongs by the Duke by planning to inherit his title. He’s curmudgeonly and burdened by his own perceived failings but has such a deep heart for his brothers, sacrificing so much for them without looking for any praise.
Margaret is dealing with the death of her mother and the impending death of her asshole father when it looks like she’ll be losing her inheritance, reducing her to reliance upon her uninterested brothers, or becoming a governess. She has plenty of reasons to hate Ash but as the story unfolds she finds that more and more difficult.
Courtney at her best.