My 2018 5 Star Reads

I had 15 5 Star Reads in 2018 which is pretty good. It’s hard to explain why a book gets a 5 star over a 4 star, something intangible, something that moves me. Often it’s a byproduct of the moment in time that I’m reading it., but the commonality I can find is, it either made me laugh, or think, a lot, and that I end up recommending it frequently.

Did I have any overlaps with you!?

If you click on the picture of each book, it’ll take you to the Amazon buy link.
Wishing You Happy Reading in 2019!

AfterTheWedding ABollywoodAffair

RockChickReborn NaturalBornCharmer

TrustMeOnThis TheheiressEffect

StillhouseLake consumed

butterfly thecardigans

trail QueenFromTheNorth

img_8925 you


#CurrentRead “A Duke By Default” – Alyssa Cole

3rd Person, Dual POV
Grumpy Sword maker Hero. Heroine is trying to find her place in the world.
Charming, witty banter, featuring pocket friends and LOLs galore.
Every person in this story is so fully fleshed out, it’s delightful.
Perfect Modern Contemporary Romance #swordbae #dukebae