#CurrentRead “PowerPlay Series” – Selena Laurence

This series was my weekend read.

The Powerplay series was fantastic. DC set, political adjacent (Campaign Manager, Ambassador, SCOTUS nominee, Pentagon Brass). 3/5 had POC. 2 Novellas, 3 full length.

3rd Person, Dual POV

I know many readers are avoiding novels with politics at the centre, but I felt drawn to them. I think, in part, I want to read about people doing the right thing in the midst of difficult circumstances, especially when I feel impotent. It gives me hope.

P.S I didn’t realise until the end, that each of the book’s building backdrops represented the story’s setting! Smart.

#CockyGate – All the CockyLinks

If you’ve been following along with #Cockygate, where an author has decided to trademark a common word “Cocky” (Excellent posts here: by Pajiba and a more legal view at Legal Inspiration) You’ll be aware that Romance Readers, Bloggers and Authors are in uproar. When Romancelandia gets a bee in their bonnet, they come out swinging…

Jamila Jasper has preemptively taken down her book “Cocky Cowboy” until all of this is resolved. If you want to support her in the interim, check out her book listings here: https://amzn.to/2HRjaXI
EDITED TO ADD Jamila has now released her Book “The Cockiest Cowboy To Have Ever Cocked” (in KU) So Cock away dear cockers!!

EDITED TO ADD: Attorney and Indie-Author Kevin Kneupper filed a Petition to Cancel the COCKY Trademark with the TCO this morning.

You can view the legal petition here >> http://bit.ly/2KGjPca
Let’s support Kevin’s pro bono fight by purchasing one of his novels here https://amzn.to/2HZiEHn


I thought I’d collate a list of books with “Cocky” in the title so we can spread some love to these authors. A lot of them are in Kindle Unlimited, so you can borrow & read a lot of them in a short amount of time.

These first two authors have already been through the financial cost of changing their book titles, so show them extra love.
Disclaimer: I’ve only read two of the ones listed below so far. However my oneclick finger will get a work out when I’m back from Infinity War tonight.




“Marriage of Inconvenience” – Penny Reid

Amazon link here: http://amzn.to/2oWL1JQ

End of Series books are hard. Part of you clamours for the story, the other part wants a world you’ve grown to love to never end. What a way to end though, this was a gravity blanket of a read. It was comforting in its weightiness. the way it enfolded you with gravitas. Marriage of Convenience is one of my favourite tropes and it’s hard to pull off in a modern setting. Kat and Dan (omg Dan is the Alpha of all Beta Heroes) had their lives intersect over the past 6 books due to their social circles. Kat’s been infatuated with Dan for most of that time, and as any girl with a crush does, she avoids Dan as much as she can. Kat’s the heiress to Seventeen Billion dollars and as heiresses do, she has a bajillionty secrets. Turns out Dan has a few secrets of his too, including his own infatuation with Kat that was tempered by one night in Vegas. When Kat turns to Dan with the most bizarre of requests, will Dan be the answer to her prayers in more way than one?

The thing I love about Penny’s Characters is that you can see elements of yourself in them, for me, particularly in her Heroines (I’m a cis-het woman after all). Penny reminds me of Kristen Ashley in that way, that, after reading one of her books, you feel like you’ve been looking in a mirror, seeing parts of yourself reflected back at you, and you wonder if you want to keep that element of yourself, or change it for something new, something better. That’s what good literature does, I think, make you reexamine yourself and the world around you. Penny is a good literaturist.

“Rolf’s Quest” – Aubrey Wynne

Amazon Link here: http://amzn.to/2oVdjoy

Medieval Magic. A first born son descendant of Merlin’s has to find his one true love (without the use of magic) to break a curse that keeps Merlin trapped inside a rowan tree. After generations of failing to do so, and with the rowan tree dying, this could be Merlin’s last chance. Can Rolf find true love and save Merlin when Melissa (who he’s dreamed of since he was a child) is betrothed to another. This was a sweet historical romance with smidges of magic, shape shifting, fated mates, a bad guy and found family. Definitely a fun romp.
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20th #DecemberBook @jillshalvis #HeartbreakerBay #novella. Forced proximity plus #secondchanceromance made this a fun read with all our fav characters who came together for a bachelorette/bachelor party. . #finishtheseriesfinishtheyear #bookstagram #readersofinstagram #romancereader #romancereaders #romancebooks #romancebook #romanceread #romancenovel #readromance #booklover #bookish #wordpress

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19th #DecemberBook. @katemeader Book 3 in the #chicagorebels series. Openly gay GM Dante and firmly closeted Cade embark on a forbidden romance. Boss/Employee, Out/closeted & age gap means this is a relationship that can only happen behind closed doors, until all those pesky feelings get in the way. Most of this book runs in parallel to book 2 in the series. Loved how the resolution was handled. #sportsromance . #finishtheseriesfinishtheyear #bookstagram #readersofinstagram #romancereader #romancereaders #romancebooks #chicagoromance #lgbtqiaromance #lgbtromance #romancebook #romanceread #romancenovel #readromance #booklover #bookish #wordpress

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18th #DecemberBook @jodi_ellen_malpas Architect Annie meets Jack at a bar one drunken night. The repercussions of that night lead to a Forbidden Romance. I figured out several of the plot points pretty early on. This is familiar work from JEM. She has a consistent style of hero/heroine and their friendship dynamics. Not really part of a series, more of a spin off from the This Man world. We met Annie at the end of Drew’s novella. . #finishtheseriesfinishtheyear #bookstagram #readersofinstagram #romancereader #romancereaders #romancebooks #romancebook #romanceread #romancenovel #readromance #booklover #bookish #wordpress

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17th #DecemberBook @laurakayeauthor #HardInkSeries continues with Derek, an amputee veteran & Emilie, whose brother may have answers about Colonel Merritt’s betrayal. Excellent work that takes us further on in this storyline. #romanticsuspense . #finishtheseriesfinishtheyear #bookstagram #readersofinstagram #romancereader #romancereaders #romancebooks #romancebook #romanceread #romancenovel #readromance #booklover #bookish #wordpress

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