“The Conspiracy” – Kat Martin

AMAZON Link: https://amzn.to/2Ro16cj

Book 1 in a new series: 3rd Person, Dual POV (with a smidge (<5%) of other POVs)

This felt like a book of two halves. International and Domestic

The first half was Harper (Heroine) roping in Chase (her Brother’s former best friend who runs a security company) to track down her missing brother in the Caribbean.

The second half all took place in the US.

Then we have all the tropes, Brother’s Best Friend, Girl Next Door, Unrequited Love, Fish out of Water, Bodyguard etc etc.

The ebb and flow of Harper and Chase’s relationship, on again off again for *reasons* was good, but expected within this sub-genre. Although I’m not sure his grovel was enough.

It was just *A Lot* to be crammed into this story, is it the downside of book 1 in a series? Possibly, it felt like I was meeting not only the character base of this new series (the team at Maximum security), but maybe the characters for another series (the other Garrett brothers)?

I did like the attention to detail for 1) the International section, how travelling round Caribbean Islands & rescue ops in Jungles work, having to exchange money is a PITA etc 2) How Harper’s job/company/employees are impacted by the search for her brother. Although having $$$$ and private jets sure come in handy.

It just felt like it could have been “snappier”. The best analogy I can give is; If this were a film I might have gotten bored, but if it were a TV series, I’m sure I’d be happy with the ground work being done.


“Year One” – Nora Roberts

AMAZON LINK: https://amzn.to/2NcYJ69

As someone who has read only 1 Nora Roberts before. All I knew was people think she’s an excellent writer. Now I concur.

This book is NOT A ROMANCE, but this book is Deee-Licious.

Post apocalyptic/Distopian plus some supernatural/paranormal. Walking dead sans Zombie, plus Magick. It reminded me a little of the TV revolution (where the world loses electricity, but people work together to survive).

I. LOVED it. It made me laugh, cry, worry, etc. There’s tension, angst, joy, love, sorrow. It’s delicious. I couldn’t go to bed until I finished it. I’m trying to figure out when I can slot book 2 into my reading schedule.

BUT – It is NOT a Romance, nope, definitely not.


My 2018 5 Star Reads

I had 15 5 Star Reads in 2018 which is pretty good. It’s hard to explain why a book gets a 5 star over a 4 star, something intangible, something that moves me. Often it’s a byproduct of the moment in time that I’m reading it., but the commonality I can find is, it either made me laugh, or think, a lot, and that I end up recommending it frequently.

Did I have any overlaps with you!?

If you click on the picture of each book, it’ll take you to the Amazon buy link.
Wishing You Happy Reading in 2019!

AfterTheWedding ABollywoodAffair

RockChickReborn NaturalBornCharmer

TrustMeOnThis TheheiressEffect

StillhouseLake consumed

butterfly thecardigans

trail QueenFromTheNorth

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#CurrentRead “Unspeakable” – Elisabeth Naughton.

AMAZON LINK: https://amzn.to/2SyRgk3 Also in Kindle Unlimited with Audio.

3rd Person Multi-POV (Mostly MCs). Romantic Suspense
Hero: Vineyard owner with a secret sideline. Heroine: Legal Investigator, Former Cop

Another McClane Sibling, another adventure. When Rusty McClane gets drawn into the case of a missing teenage girl Harper Blake has to investigate his role in her disappearance. What she discovers could lead to her reinstatement on the force.
Rusty’s been leading a double life, Vineyard owner by day, Vigilante by night. Saving others has meant sacrificing his family life, but doesn’t he need to be rescued too?

#CurrentRead “Spring Me Ahead” – Jess Vonn

AMAZON LINK: amzn.to/2QzCNHl

3rd Person, Dual POV

Heroine: Latina, visiting Doctor, discovering her path. Hero: LumberSexual Artist with 747 of baggage needing his redemption story.

ugh the ANGST!!! Tropey and I loved it. Sorta Enemies to lovers, fake relationship, Small Town. I love, love, loved Wyatt. He’s working SO hard on himself, he feels so unworthy and yet, there are people who love him so deeply that they’ll let him find his own way to fight his demons.

Esme is just trying to figure herself out. She needed the space that remote work assignments would give her to find herself.

It’s not that these two “fix” each other, it’s that they turn the mirror a little to see a different perspective of themselves and they grow because of that, and *then* they grow together

#CurrentRead “PowerPlay Series” – Selena Laurence

This series was my weekend read.

The Powerplay series was fantastic. DC set, political adjacent (Campaign Manager, Ambassador, SCOTUS nominee, Pentagon Brass). 3/5 had POC. 2 Novellas, 3 full length.

3rd Person, Dual POV

I know many readers are avoiding novels with politics at the centre, but I felt drawn to them. I think, in part, I want to read about people doing the right thing in the midst of difficult circumstances, especially when I feel impotent. It gives me hope.

P.S I didn’t realise until the end, that each of the book’s building backdrops represented the story’s setting! Smart.

#CockyGate – All the CockyLinks

If you’ve been following along with #Cockygate, where an author has decided to trademark a common word “Cocky” (Excellent posts here: by Pajiba and a more legal view at Legal Inspiration) You’ll be aware that Romance Readers, Bloggers and Authors are in uproar. When Romancelandia gets a bee in their bonnet, they come out swinging…

Jamila Jasper has preemptively taken down her book “Cocky Cowboy” until all of this is resolved. If you want to support her in the interim, check out her book listings here: https://amzn.to/2HRjaXI
EDITED TO ADD Jamila has now released her Book “The Cockiest Cowboy To Have Ever Cocked” (in KU) So Cock away dear cockers!!

EDITED TO ADD: Attorney and Indie-Author Kevin Kneupper filed a Petition to Cancel the COCKY Trademark with the TCO this morning.

You can view the legal petition here >> http://bit.ly/2KGjPca
Let’s support Kevin’s pro bono fight by purchasing one of his novels here https://amzn.to/2HZiEHn


I thought I’d collate a list of books with “Cocky” in the title so we can spread some love to these authors. A lot of them are in Kindle Unlimited, so you can borrow & read a lot of them in a short amount of time.

These first two authors have already been through the financial cost of changing their book titles, so show them extra love.
Disclaimer: I’ve only read two of the ones listed below so far. However my oneclick finger will get a work out when I’m back from Infinity War tonight.




“Marriage of Inconvenience” – Penny Reid

Amazon link here: http://amzn.to/2oWL1JQ

End of Series books are hard. Part of you clamours for the story, the other part wants a world you’ve grown to love to never end. What a way to end though, this was a gravity blanket of a read. It was comforting in its weightiness. the way it enfolded you with gravitas. Marriage of Convenience is one of my favourite tropes and it’s hard to pull off in a modern setting. Kat and Dan (omg Dan is the Alpha of all Beta Heroes) had their lives intersect over the past 6 books due to their social circles. Kat’s been infatuated with Dan for most of that time, and as any girl with a crush does, she avoids Dan as much as she can. Kat’s the heiress to Seventeen Billion dollars and as heiresses do, she has a bajillionty secrets. Turns out Dan has a few secrets of his too, including his own infatuation with Kat that was tempered by one night in Vegas. When Kat turns to Dan with the most bizarre of requests, will Dan be the answer to her prayers in more way than one?

The thing I love about Penny’s Characters is that you can see elements of yourself in them, for me, particularly in her Heroines (I’m a cis-het woman after all). Penny reminds me of Kristen Ashley in that way, that, after reading one of her books, you feel like you’ve been looking in a mirror, seeing parts of yourself reflected back at you, and you wonder if you want to keep that element of yourself, or change it for something new, something better. That’s what good literature does, I think, make you reexamine yourself and the world around you. Penny is a good literaturist.