#CurrentRead “Piece of Work” – Staci Hart

Amazon Link: https://amzn.to/2Gg6bZY, available in Kindle Unlimited

1st Person. Dual POV.
Museum Curator Hero. MFA Intern Heroine. Our Hero is emotionally stunted and our Heroine has a Ugly Duckling to Swan rebirth.
Workplace Romance and Romantic Comedy.
Love Staci’s Books & her covers are 🔥, the dialog is always snappy and Sassy, much like Staci herself. Oh and Our Heroines friends are Girl Squad Goals.


#CurrentRead “Wild Heir” – Karina Halle

Amazon Link: https://amzn.to/2IU7xQp

1st Person. Dual POV. In Kindle Unlimited

Magnus, Dare-Devil Crown Prince of Norway, embroiled in sex tape scandal, finds himself coerced into arranged marriage by parents to restore their good name.

Ella, quiet, studious Princess of Liechtenstein, finds herself pawned off by absentee family.

Opposites Attracts meets Marriage of Convenience, with European Royalty. Loved their interplay. I hope King Aksel of Denmark gets his story next!!

#CurrentRead “Hour Of Need” – Melinda Leigh

Amazon Link: https://amzn.to/2KPbHpf
Book 1 in the Scarlett Falls Series. Also available in Kindle Unlimited

3rd Person. Multiple POV.
Hero is Major Grant Barrett who is called home from active service after the murder of his Lawyer Brother and Skating Coach Sister in Law. Heroine is Ella Ross, neighbour & co-worker of the murdered couple. The last case taken on by the brother, a civil case involving two young skaters accused of causing the suicide of a third seem to be linked to the murder.
Small town murder mystery with a splash of romance,  plus two young, now orphaned, children in the custody of a career Soldier. Love it!

#CurrentRead “Block Party” – Stylo Fantome

Amazon Link: https://amzn.to/2s0924U
Available in Kindle Unlimited

3rd book in the “Twin Estates” Series of Interconnected Standalones. 3rd Person. Hero & Heroine’s POVs.
Liam is a good time guy, owner of a sex club & apartment complex. Ayumi is his Ice Queen accountant until she decides that no-commitment sexy times is what she needs from Liam instead. Both use their reputations to keep people at a distance, is that all they’ll share?


#CurrentRead “Disorderly Conduct” – Tessa Bailey

Amazon Link: https://amzn.to/2LaIEgC

3rd Person. Hero & Heroine’s POV
NYPD Academy Cadet Hero Charlie, Catering Business Owner Heroine Ever. Ever’s Mother convinced her to only date men for 30 days to “protect” herself. Charlie is intent on following Family footsteps to Police Commissioner, so no time for women.

When Ever’s Mother does a 180 and convinces her to do the same, she knows Charlie’s not the one to go the distance with. At the abrupt loss of Ever, Charlie decides “What if?” and goes in pursuit!


#CurrentRead “The Ones Who Got Away” – Roni Loren

Amazon Link: https://amzn.to/2k3S8OD (on Sale at $1.99 right now)

3rd Person. Hero & Heroine’s POV.

A documentary about the 12 year anniversary of a school shooting reunited Olivia & Finn, who, in their senior year, were having a secret relationship. Prom night  Finn & Olivia were making out in the janitor’s closet then the shooting started, Finn left to find Rebecca, his date, who also survived, while Olivia was left behind & found herself facing one of the gunmen

I’ll admit this took me a while to get around to, as just after its release, the Parkland FL shooting occurred and I just couldn’t pick this up. Now I’m ready.