“Rogue Affair” – A Resistance Romance Anthology

Amazon Link Here: https://amzn.to/2GYVxIX

Excellent mix of stories, LGBTQIA, Married People, Second Chance Romance, Opposites attract, Workplace romance etc etc. Some made me uncomfortable and challenged, some had angst, all of them made me think.
Particular favourites were “Dedication of a Lifetime” by Tamsen Parker, “The President’s Protector” by Kris Ripper and “Take a Knee” by Jane Lee Blair


“Stay” – Sarina Bowen, Elle Kennedy

Amazon Link Here: https://amzn.to/2GFcPgt

Matt is a divorced, Co-Parenting Hockey player, Hailey is a business owning virtual assistant with a crush on Matt. Cute, funny, quirky, Semi-workplace romance (He’s her client). Needed more puppy time, low angst, cute kids, excellent banter (especially when Blake from book 1 in the series shows up!)


“A Man To Die For” – Suzanne Brockmann

Amazon Link Here: https://amzn.to/2IkshMu

Felipe/Phil’s Story. Should be read after “Not Without Risk”. Felipe is deep undercover until he re-encounters Carrie who, the last time he saw her, Felipe had put her in the truck of her car. As he’s undercover as a mafia right hand man, things quickly go south, putting Felipe & Carrie on the run from both the expected bad guys and it turns out, good guys gone bad in the Police Force.
Felipe has to rely on his wits and his Ex-Con Big Brother Rafe to get him out of this mess alive. This story is a mostly about trust, particularly when you’ve been hurt or betrayed by someone in the past. Given that this is a re-release from 1995, it holds up fairly well except for the technology side of things. Plenty of pay-phones and no internet means it may not read well for younger readers.


“Save Me (Corrupted Hearts #4)” – Tiffany Snow

Amazon Link Here: https://amzn.to/2GpPL2b Releases April 17, 2018

Man I did not know how this was gonna end, especially as it felt so similar to the Kathleen Turner series with the quasi love triangle. Loved China’s growth in the final book in this series. It didn’t feel drawn out even with the continuation of the story around China’s Mother’s death and her biological father’s possible intervention. I Did miss Mia & Grams in this one though as they allowed a glimpse at the nuturing side of China that she didn’t always realize about herself.
Romantic Thriller more than Suspense.

“Not Without Risk” – Suzanne Brockmann

Amazon Link Here:  https://amzn.to/2GXyj65

Second Chance romance between Detective James/Diego and Teacher Emily met many years ago when he was assigned to her college to help catch a campus rapist. She was on the student safety committee. An un-wise romance given their age/stage of life differences. He pushed her away after getting shot as he didn’t want her to waste her life on him.
7 or so years later after realizing the Super respectable guy she’s dating might be a drug importer of the serious kind, James gets assigned to play her brother to figure out what’s what. I do like that Suzanne Brockmann isn’t afraid to have her men cry in books, especially when they realized the level of heart break they’ve put our heroine’s through. A re-release from 1995, it stands up pretty well.


“Running Back (New York Leopards #2)” – Allison Parr

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Archeologist Heroine, NFL Playing Hero. She’s looking for an Irish Lost City, He inherits the land she believes it lies beneath. As I wanted to be an archeologist when I was a kid I loved this heroine.
I loved all the secondary characters, especially the village of Killkarten. Even though our Hero was an NFL Player there was very little sportsing, leaving plenty of room for a slew of dysfunctional family dynamics that the story and the time frame gave plenty of space to work through. It was like taking a bunch of Americans and dropping them in Ballykissangel and seeing what happened. Themes of loyalty, death, family, abandonment, “the troubles” and reconciliation were well paced and well handled.


“My Crazy Ex-Superhero (Just Call Me Jane, #2 ) ” – S Doyle

Amazon Link Here: http://amzn.to/2FPuJcR

Mostly Dual POV for Jane and Logan. Jane believes Logan betrayed her, the rest of the world believes that Jane killed Logan’s father. Now Jane gets turned away from working for the local PD leaving her a directionless “super hero”, with her friends all returning to their previous lives without her. Jane doesn’t want to believe the worst of Logan but the evidence is pretty strong. However, once Logan realizes someone is out to hurt Jane, will our Super hero let herself have a guardian she doesn’s trust. Who is the mysterious watcher? Who is Jane’s Father? This was an excellent wrap up to the duet. Nothing was easy, nothing should be when you’re early twenties and still figuring who and especially in Jane’s case, what you are. Supergirl & smallville & buffy fans would love this (without the demons).


“DarkFever” – Karen Marie Moning

Amazon Link Here: http://amzn.to/2pk4jK1

Read as a part of Smart Bitches Trashy Books Quarterly Title Book Challenge for March to read a book with an affiliation to Ireland. After checking out a goodreads list I discovered I had this book in my TBR (which is in part why I do book challenges, to clear down my TBR).
I’m discovering I love Urban Fantasy books. I really enjoyed the set up (Vengeance is a powerful motivator). Although this book is 12 years old (and sometimes it shows, like the Heroine’s lack of internet skills, and “Ask Jeeves” being the search engine of choice) I hate spoilers.

There’s a real clueless Buffy the Vampire Slayer vibe going on here, but with a darker edge, bolster by Mac being slightly older. I found the choices of when & when not to translate from Gaelic to English interesting. The detailing of what it’s like to be a foreigner even in an English speaking nation were accurate. It’s always the minutiae that cause the struggles. I’ll be dashing off to my local goodwill to pick up as many of the series as I can (I saw 4-5 books from this series there last week).


“Murder Notes” – Lisa Renee Jones

Amazon Link Here: http://amzn.to/2G1vHWN

Probably my favourite LRJ book to date. Lilah Love is an FBI Profiler who finds there is a link between her past and the current case she is working on. Her backstory is complicated; Her ex inherited a Mexican cartel, her brother is the local police chief and her father is making a run for NY senator. She’s now receiving notes about the mysterious reason she left the Hamptons, and everyone else behind, and you have a romping good mystery/thriller/sorta romance (way light on the romance more of a will they won’t they, which I’m sure gets ramped up in book 2).
Lilah is very much a lone wolf, think Clarice Starling with a lot less naivete (A LOT LESS). She does not play nicely with other, but her upbringing allows her to fake it til she makes it when needed.
Can’t wait for part 2 (releasing in July) to see how this all comes together.


“When I Met My Duchess” – Caroline Linden

Amazon Link Here: http://amzn.to/2Isgah7

Gareth Cavendish, Duke of Wessex thinks he’s chosen the perfect girl to be his Duchess until he meets her spunky widowed sister and finds himself enthralled. Cleo loves her sister Helen to death and longs for her to escape the clutches of her overbearing parents. The Duke of Wessex is the best person to make that happen. Can she subjugate her own desires and put the needs of Helen first or will she betray her and risk even more separation from her family who already dismiss her for eloped to marry a merchant rather than a peer.
Oh the Angst! Loved it. I feel like it might be a Novella where the other characters we met have their own books? Not sure, but that takes nothing away from the book itself.