“Sleight of Hand” – Julie Rowe

AMAZON LINK: https://amzn.to/2DS9rwR

3rd Person Dual POV.
Romantic Suspense.
Heroine: Ex Army medic, now CDC Nurse Joy
Hero: CDC Doctor. Curmudgeonly hero Gunnar.
These two are an odd-couple. He’s so acerbic that only Joy’s military training can give her the wherewithal to deal with him.

Turns out they are both suffering from PTSD. His from his Doctor’s without borders service. Her’s from her time in the military.

One of those situations where they are rare combination that works well together where any other pairing would be catastrophic.

3rd book in the series, can be read as a standalone, there is a longer arc across the series. I enjoy the visits by characters from previous books and truly can’t wait for book 4.


#CurrentRead “Destiny’s Surrender” – Beverly Jenkins.

AMAZON LINK: https://amzn.to/2qot5IN  2nd book in series.
3 book series currently $1.99 each

3rd Person, Multi-POV (Mostly MCs).
Historical Romance.
Drew is looking to finally settle down after sowing his wild oats. One of those Oats has grown into a sweet baby boy unbeknownst to Drew.

Billie (Wilhemina) is Drew’s favourite whore from San Francisco. When the life of her child is threatened, she turns to Drew for his sanctuary.

Sweet, Straight shooting (literally) and Sassy, I loved Billie. Destiny Ranch is a favourite place to visit. Can’t wait to finish Noah’s book too.

#CurrentRead “Unspeakable” – Elisabeth Naughton.

AMAZON LINK: https://amzn.to/2SyRgk3 Also in Kindle Unlimited with Audio.

3rd Person Multi-POV (Mostly MCs). Romantic Suspense
Hero: Vineyard owner with a secret sideline. Heroine: Legal Investigator, Former Cop

Another McClane Sibling, another adventure. When Rusty McClane gets drawn into the case of a missing teenage girl Harper Blake has to investigate his role in her disappearance. What she discovers could lead to her reinstatement on the force.
Rusty’s been leading a double life, Vineyard owner by day, Vigilante by night. Saving others has meant sacrificing his family life, but doesn’t he need to be rescued too?

#CurrentRead – “Faceoff” – Stephanie Kay

AMAZON LINK: https://amzn.to/2PrWWu6

#FinishTheSeries “Faceoff” Book 4 in #SanFranciscoStrikers series. Can stand-alone, but expect previous characters to show up.

3rd Person. Dual POV

Heroine: Chef. Hero: hockey player. these two have been dancing around each other throughout the series and now they get their turn. She’s had her full of athlete boyfriends, can he change her mind?

#CurrentRead “Hurts to Love You” – Alisha Rai

AMAZON LINK: https://amzn.to/2vkmKn

I like to use December to #FinishTheSeries! First up Alisha Rai’s final book in the Forbidden Hearts series

Dual POV. 3rd Person.
Heroine: Baby Daughter of Local Rich Folks.
Hero: Housekeeper’s son & Boy Next Door.

Her decades long unrequited crush gets legs. His Big Secret (TM) is in danger.