#CurrentRead “Spring Me Ahead” – Jess Vonn

AMAZON LINK: amzn.to/2QzCNHl

3rd Person, Dual POV

Heroine: Latina, visiting Doctor, discovering her path. Hero: LumberSexual Artist with 747 of baggage needing his redemption story.

ugh the ANGST!!! Tropey and I loved it. Sorta Enemies to lovers, fake relationship, Small Town. I love, love, loved Wyatt. He’s working SO hard on himself, he feels so unworthy and yet, there are people who love him so deeply that they’ll let him find his own way to fight his demons.

Esme is just trying to figure herself out. She needed the space that remote work assignments would give her to find herself.

It’s not that these two “fix” each other, it’s that they turn the mirror a little to see a different perspective of themselves and they grow because of that, and *then* they grow together

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