“Butterfly Ops” – Jen Doyle

AMAZON LINK: https://amzn.to/2t29GyU

3rd Person, Dual POV. One of my favourite reads of 2018.

I knew going in that this book would be a hodge-podge of genres.

It’s not just paranormal but with an urban fantasy feel and a strong second chance romance storyline.

Our Heroine Lyndsey is a low key superhero. She has preternatural skills, but here are no costumes and definitely no capes!

Our Hero Ian is a widower, single Dad with 4 kids, working for the military in a paranormal special ops division.

There’s also a strong “Found Family” vibe going on, that often happens when you have people in life or death situations.

It should have just said “ALL THE THINGS YOU LOVE”, it was just missing puppies.

This is a book about 2 grown-ups, they have flaws, they’ve messed up, there were massive misunderstandings. They’ve definitely lived their lives between their break up in their early twenties and now in their mid thirties.

There’s no pretension that they have all their ish together. Each of them is worried about screwing up their own lives and the lives of those in their immediate orbit if this reconnection goes awry.
I personally enjoy it when Main Characters don’t fix everything with one conversation that reconciles their relationship. Even in your mid thirties you’re not always going to have the emotional maturity to put all the hurts behind you neatly and move forward. That they have to keep revisiting it feels natural and normal.

There is significant emotional growth for these two characters as they work together to solve these unnatural crimes

Given all the reasons their break up happens, its knock-on effects and where they are today in life, the continual navigation of Ian and Lyndsey’s new relationship makes sense.

If I were to aliken this to a TV Series, I’d say; take Wynnona Earp and throw in some Seal Team Six and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.

Definitely book 1 of 3 in the series. Cannot be read out of order, no conclusion of the romance until book 3.

I have been lucky enough to read all 3 books in the series and hope that this spins out into a longer series, because I would read all of them, given the solid nature of all the secondary Characters


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