“Sin With Me (Original Sin #1) – JA Huss/Johnathan McClain

Amazon Link Here: http://amzn.to/2tfYj9q

First book in JA Huss/Johnathan McClain’s Co-write.
If you hate inner dialog you might not fare too well with this new series. Personally I loved it. It’s like a deep dive into two very messed people who are just trying to get by and mostly failing until they meet each other. It’s almost like they conjured each other up from their imaginations.
Maddie has just been trying to get her feet under herself since she left college. Tyler is directionless and unmotivated since he left the forces. They’re both ticking time bombs and when they burst into each others lives it sets off a chain reaction that seems like everything’s gonna get worse at the same time everything gets better. LAs Vegas is the perfect setting for this story, with it’s seedy underbelly and ability to deliver the best and the worst of humanity all under the glow of the glitzy neon lights.

There are 3 more books in the series, each releasing 3 weeks apart (book 2 is out now).

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