“Make Me Want” – Katee Robert

Amazon Link Here: http://amzn.to/2FEOKpz

Bold in the streets, nervous in the sheets. Lucy wants to make partner at her law firm. In order to do that she’s expected to be married (yay misogyny). After a heartbreaking break up she has no time to waste so recruits former friend and DC top dog head hunter Gideon to help her find a Husband. As a career driven 80+ hour a week lawyer, she believes that what she needs is a man who is looking more for a companionable partnership than hearts and flowers. Also her breakup left her feeling sexually inadequate, so she’s looking for a sexual mentor. Gideo has secretly crushed on Lucy from afar for nearly a decade. Weighed down by the guilt he holds, as he had to tell Lucy her fiance (& Gideon’s former best friend) was cheating on her, he willingly takes on the role. After purusing several candidates he realizes that no-one is good enough for Lucy and decides to take on the challenge of wooing her despite her willing to settle for less. Lots of shenanigans and plenty of heart feels disguised as pant feels.


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