“My Once and Future Duke” – Caroline Linden

Buy from Amazon here: http://amzn.to/2Fx8ngL

Regency Set Historical Romance. Force Proximity.
Enjoyed this story flip where the Heroine is the one out there gambling to earn a fortune. It’s not for nefarious reasons, but to ensure she has some stability in the future in case she can’t get herself a husband. As a 21st century single woman with no kids I completely understand the drive to ensure that I’ll be financially stable in the future. The only person I can rely on fiscally is me. I was nice to have a self reliant autonomous heroine, who, although getting married was an option, it wasn’t her only option. She wasn’t desperate to marry and in fact was wary of relinquishing her autonomy due to those blasted legal rules that subjugate married women to chattle.
Once again we have my favourite kind of Hero, the curmudgeonly one, however Jack (a.k.a. Ware) relinquishes this facade during his enforced proximity with Sophie at his country estate. His brother Philip, who was the instigator of a lot of nonsense that put our heroine in jeopardy, needed a smack upside the head. I suspect we’ll see it in a future book. Great start to a new series.


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