“Idol” – Kristen Callihan

Amazon Buy Link Here: http://amzn.to/2ovA7KP

Pretty standard RockStar romance. Hiding out after almost losing his BFF and fellow Kill John bandmate Killian crashes into Libby’s life, figuratively & literally. Libby is the daughter of a an old school session musician who died, along with Libby’s mom in a recent car accident. After realising who Killian is, it turns out Libby has singing and playing chops. Killian comes up with a plan for Libby to join him on the road and play with the band. Libby wants to keep their relationship secret so the rest of the band doesn’t think she’s just there because she’s sleeping with the lead singer (which she totes is btw). Friction and tension ensue and Libby gets the chance to branch out on her own, but it means leaving Killian behind…


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