“A Princess in Theory” – Alyssa Cole

Amazon Link Here: http://amzn.to/2GH3VLW

Totally lived up to the hype. Had a very “Coming to America” feel with the mistaken identity & personal assistant hanging around, but without the wide-eyed wonder. Thabiso is a cultured well travelled man. The blurb gives you the jist of the book.
I loved Naledi, our heroine, smart, sassy, vunerable, dealing with all the BS women deal with on a daily basis, plus being a woman in STEM? Turn up that dial to 11. I really loved Likotsi, Thabiso’s assistant (gosh I hope she gets a book), was 1) a woman 2) played the line of long time friend/employee so well, 3) well that’s a spoiler so figure it out 😀
I really enjoyed how the book dealt with a lost heritage and the tension of being *from* a place, but not *of* a place, without falling into the trap of “this is where I’m from I feel 100% at home here”. This wasn’t Ledi’s home, it was just where she was from and navigating that isn’t easy. Absolutely loved it. Can’t wait for Portia’s story!


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