“Haven” – Rebekah Weatherspoon

Amazon Link Here: http://amzn.to/2FLyIrK

So Freakin hot. Ahhh!!
Claudia literally barges into Shep’s isolated life on the run from a killer. She’s a fairly sophisticated Norcal gal, he’s a grumpy mountain man photographer.

This is opposite attracts meets saviour complex with a tonne of BDSM thrown in. The book has plenty of time jumps in it, which totally made sense when it’s two grownups with lives that drag them away from each other. Claudia was MY GIRL in the way she sassed and threw down, whilst maintaining vunerability.

This felt very adult in the way it handled the changing relationship of not just the main characters with each other, but with their relationships with the secondary characters. Not every thing was smooth sailing, real life, past relationships, changing expectations,working through traumas realization of desires, hopes dreams etc all came into play. It was delicious.


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