“Beneath These Chains” – Meghan March

Amazon Series Link Here: https://amzn.to/2GLjXrO
Lord and Elle’s Story. Elle is the BFF of the heroine from the 1st book in this series. Lord is the brother of the Hero in the 2nd book in this series. Makes for a tidy pairing off.

Elle lost her job at the end of book 2. Lord runs multiple businesses including a high end pawn shop. Elle decides that’s going to be where she works for reasons that become apparent pretty quickly and not just because Lord is hott. Yes he deserves two Ts.

Then THERE’S MURDERS!! This could have been a story about a poor little rich girl and a boy from the wrong side of the tracks but it’s more than that. I wasn’t a huge fan of the way Lord’s inner monologue about his desires for Elle were, but his actions in his determination to woo her were significantly better. Plus the interplay with Lord and Elle’s parents was awesome. Plenty of twists and turns made this a fun read.


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