15th #decemberbook @julieannwalker_author love it when the cover matches the description of a character down to the chin dimple. Christian and Emily (like Dagan and Chelsea in the previous book) work together and have pants feelings, but can’t/won’t admit them. Instead they parry verbally like children in a playground. It’s the equivalent of pulling the pigtails of the girl you really like. Shenanigans running around England trying to escape both the Police and Revengeful Brothers (who come across as spiteful Dumb and Dumber characters) although I have to confess I did get teary eyed over the demise of one of them (well done writing sympathetic baddies JAW). And And we finally find out who Spider (the Big Bad) is, setting us up for the finale in this series. . #finishtheseriesfinishtheyear #bookstagram #readersofinstagram #romancereader #romancereaders #romancebooks #romancebook #romanceread #romancenovel #readromance #booklover #bookish #wordpress

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