14th #decemberbook @julieannwalker_author Chelsea and Dagan’s story starts before they work together with BKI. Chelsea’s holding a big bad secret about her involvement in Dagan’s past. Once Dagan realises he has pants feelings for Chelsea he is 100% with the wooing! Loved the push pull of Chelsea reminding Dagan she’s a well trained CIA operative when he struggles to keep his Alpha Lizard brain in check. Fun Romantic Suspense romp in England continues the series as we get closer to ensnaring Super Villain “Spider” (the longer story arc in this series). P.s the covers are 🔥 & mind’s eye inspiration. #bkiseries . #finishtheseriesfinishtheyear #bookstagram #readersofinstagram #romancereader #romancereaders #romancebooks #romancebook #romanceread #romancenovel #readromance #booklover #bookish #wordpress

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